Let’s kick this off with a made up sauce and a couple rack of ribs.

I got this wild idea to smoke cherries. Yep, smoked cherries. Now I have to admit, getting them rolled up in the paper was a tad tough. But the real job, the real job was getting them lit. Seriously though, I smoked some cherries.


Fresh cherries BEFORE smoke.









After an hour in the smoker with Cherry Wood (duh, what else) at 225*











Now on to making a sauce and some ribs for the sauce. I’ll be back with the details and how I wrecked the recipe. Sneak peak of the ribs in the mean time? Sure.

I smoked in a Cook Shack electric smoker for 2 hours then moved to charcoal grill for ~2 more hours. This is at 3.5 hours. I know I know, I took one out and gave it a hug. Hey, if you can’t love your own meat, how can you expect others to learn to love your meat? High five for understanding? Oh yehhhh!!!!