Smoke & BBQ Ribs on the grill

Every year I always say I want to invite friends over for a fall cook out. I really like the Fall season and grilling in it is just as awesome in my opinion. Last night was some chilly weather for a mid September day and I thought to myself, “Hey, self, let’s make some ribs, we don’t need to have a gathering to do it. And self, listen, we don’t need to do it at 12PM in the day. We can start at 7PM. It’ll be alright.” So, after a few drinks to quieten down my self’s voice I decided to also do it the hard way. Smoke & BBQ Ribs on the grill.

Actually with the 50* to 60* outside temp it was relatively easy to keep the temps under control at first. First 2 hours and 30-45 minutes stayed righ in the 250* spot. I prefer 225* but it was a tad bit of work to get the 250* to line up. Choking it more and/or letting off some pressure might have caused a more active temp adjustment process. So, 250*, little hot, but on my half hour checks and spritzes, they looked good.

At around the 2 hour 45 minute spot you start to realize why smoking and charcoal grilling is tough in cold weather. The grill temps drop fast when they do start cooling. Fast being a relative term. I already had a side chimney of charcoal ready to go for this low temp occasion.  I figured the ribs had another hour to go so I need those temps back up in the 250* range. However, I over estimated the new coals. The new temp was hovering right around 310*. Since I only had about an hour left, I grabbed another drink (yeh, a work night too) and just changed my check schedule to “every 10 minutes” or so. Turning and spritzing as needed. This increased door opening of the grill helped keep the “too hot” grill temp under control and helped ensure while the collagen is still converted to gelatin goodness is doesn’t get to hot and dry out or get too tough.

The finished product on the average 250* high temp of charcoal has its hard crunchy bits of goodness versus the normal “everything is soft and tender”. They cooked from 7:15PM to 10:45PM. But I like that crunchy goodness, as long as the inside is tender.

For a last second thought (I had them frozen for about a week WITH the rub already on them but they were in the fridge and just thawed out) this were damn good. There is NO BBQ sauce on these. NONE! I spritz them every half hour with a mixture of EVOO, Apple Cider, and white grape juice. Don’t knock it till you try it!  I didnt read that anywhere, that’s my own concoction.

I made a full rack to share for lunch at work the next day. But my son and I couldn’t stop eating the first half rack.

Like I said, they were pretty tasty.

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