Smoked spam. Yes, you read that right.

Started the day off with throwing in some mustard rubbed ribs in the electric smoker at 225*. Lots of chores for today so no charcoal smoking for me, electric only. You have to babysit those charcoal cooks a little more. At two hours I wrapped these in foil and let them go for another two hours. After the 4 hour marked, turned them down to 100*. They were passed the point of tournament ribs by the time I went to sauce them and put them on the grill. Fall off the bone stuff.  haha A little dry in the thick spots, but good in a lot of other spots. I used the Smoked Cherry Sauce I made on one half rack and used a Pig (Mop) Sauce on another from a good friend who likes to cook as well. That Cherry sauce is better every time I use it. That mop sauce was strong but you can tell, it would shine with pulled pork.

I also made a chili. First of the season. I love experimenting (wrecking) chili’s about as much as I like experimenting with sauces. I usually avoid tomato based chilis, but this time I wanted to make a tomato based chili. Turned out a little too “tomato’y” for our likes and a touch of too much chili powder. All in all okay. I just tried it again after it has sat all day. OH yeh, like any good chili, it is getting better with time.

Hmmm, what else can we cook today?
DISCLAIMER: frankenspam has no affiliation with the product SPAM or its owners in anyway.

Let’s smoke some Spam! Oh Glorious Spam. But first, these words from our forefathers of Frakenspam.

Anyhoot, ALL joking aside, I put the spam in the charcoal grill with some hickory wood. Shhhh! Joking aside! This is serious stuff! Smoked it up pretty good with indirect heat and hickory wood for about 20-25 minutes then put it on the direct heat to begin the process of making crunchy spam goodness.

Then set it on the cutting board and stared at it in all of its glory. Okay okay, one little bite.

Put some of that Smoked Cherry Sauce on it and…

I am not going to lie, if someone was robbing my house while I was eating this, I might hold the door for them, but that’s about it. Smoked Spam and Smoked Cherry Sauce…uhm, yeh, what are you waiting for? DOIT!

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