Took a stab at French Onion Soup, but with beer!

Why is it called French Onion Soup anyway? French Fries, soup, is there anything of deliciousness they haven’t stuck their name in front of? Wikipedia says French Onion Soup is an onion based soup made from beef broth or beef stock. That’s interesting. So I have never made it from scratch and thought I’d give it a try Saturday. Or was it Friday. No it was Saturday. No, wait, I was…well dang it, eh, who cares. So I figured I’d try it, with beer and well, no freaking recipes. What could go wrong? haha

Throw some butter in the pan.

Get some onions cut up. I’ve heard they must be yellow onions. I didn’t have any. But I had Vidalias! I used 3 huge ones.¬†What could go wrong?

Meanwhile, in a pot on medium heat, throw in 4 cups of Flying Dog Pale Ale. Not quite 2 cups per beer so I had to open a third beer and only use a little of it. Hey, there’s only a couple of reasons why you are allowed to drink in the morning and I figured this had to be one of them.

Throw a cup of water, one cup of Vegetable broth, 1 of those Knorr beef concentrated thingies in as well. Don’t forget to check on your onions.

Oh hell, let’s throw in a cup of red wine as well. Frederick Cellars isn’t open any longer, so this better be good soup. I wanted some garlic in this too so I cut up a couple…okay okay a few cloves and put them in the onions. Onions are about done so garlic went in a little late.

Oooh, let’s throw some honey in there too. haha

When onions are cooked down, throw about 2 cups of this crazy broth into them and get all the crispy goodness off the pan. Just like making a gravy. All the good stuff is stuck to the pan.

Now put everything into your crock pot and put on high for 4-5 hours or low for 8 hours. Stir occasionally.

Toast some french bread slices under the broiler. Put soup in a bowl, put your large homemade crouton on the soup and swiss cheese as a cheese topper.

It wasn’t bad. We didn’t have any good cheese or french bread so we used mozzarella and little french baguettes. I think I know what to do next time I make this. Wrecking recipes are all about learning what to do next time right? It was good enough I froze the rest after me and the wifey ate some. This is definitely a food item I will try to adjust again. Tons of potential on this one.

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