Bic, meet your Grand Daddy, The Airlighter

The Airlighter by The Bison Company is a must have tool in my opinion. Errr, tool as in a charcoal lighter on steroids. But the question is, does “must have” mean I’ll pay $100 bucks for it? Probably a tad steep for us normal folk but for those that have a need for portability and getting your coals going quick, I am sure this would pay for itself. Eh, pretty cool though.

Onion rings wrapped in bacon

Oh…and marinated in sriracha sauce. I saw this on Let’s keep it simple. Cut your onion rings, rub sriracha sauce on them, wrap in bacon, bake at 400* for about 30 minutes and then flip for another 10-20minutes. Honestly it didn’t take that long for me. I also skipped the toothpicks. The poor pic below was after my son and I had already ate most of them. I smacked his hand to take the pic before they were all gone.

DELICIOUS!!!! I’ll make a sauce next time, maybe.




My pics aren’t as very good. I was more worried about eating than presenting to be honest. This was freaking kick butt awesome. I could feel my arteries hardening, but it was so oh good. EAT!

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