Smart Frying pan?

Not going to lie, sometimes I like things a tad charred. But I recognize most of you (especially my wife) don’t. Here’s a Smart Frying Pan currently on Kickstarter, Pantelligent. I am not so sure I like the name, Pantelligent. But eh, what a fresh idea on technology for products syncing with our phones (pocket computers). Sadly they are only kicking this off with iOS support.  Some geek talk about Android not fully supporting Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE). Since the developing stages Android has offered more BLE support and such the creators of Pantelligent have immediate plans to develop Android support once the campaign is over and products are rolling. Looks like if you get in now you can lock one of these high tech frying pans for 200 bones.

Catch their Kickstarter campaign  @

Pantelligent: Intelligent Pan – Cook Everything Perfectly

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