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You know the life, throw stuff in a pan, hit it with some heat, and serve it to the family. That is IF you even have the time to begin with. Lets face it, with all of these pinterest and facebook pics of gorgeous meals…”we ain’t got time for that!”. HA

About 2 years ago, I got fed up with the same old meals and normalcy and decided I wanted better meals. In the beginning, that was at the peril of my poor family’s taste buds. LOL But I eventually got the feel for things, mainly confidence. I got this by reading recipes and then just doing it my way. Sometimes, my way would fail due to my lack of culinary know how. Sometimes it worked out due to pure luck. But every time I learned something new.

So, Frankenspam! I have embraced screwing up recipes. I like to experiment with food. Eh, I don’t mean experiment like rubbing it on my nipples or anything. Well, unless it is a good avocado spread. That could be good for your nipples. Ooh and strawberry jam. Who doesn’t like straw…

So anyway, my point is I am all about using the book of Google, School of Hard Knocks, and few memories of my grandparents and parents doing some cooking as I meander through the thick jungle of preparing food for my family and friends. Everyone makes fun of me because I don’t use recipes and sure as heck can’t follow them. I call it “wrecking recipes”. Sometimes I hit home runs but I have never have record of it. So what better place than a blog to keep track of wrecking recipes. Sharing the disasters and successes of wrecking recipes! So, lets wreck some recipes and talk about what’s on our minds together. I’ll try it all here but most importantly I want to spread the fun of cooking into your home. When you think of cooking, friends and family should be the second thing that pops in your mind. (Your significant other naked in an apron making a delicious Cobb Salad is the first!) That is the beauty of food, it is fun to share. Plus lets be honest, getting people to try stuff that you “wrecked” is fun too. If you want, you can just sit quietly in the corner and watch. I am okay with that too. But if you like what I am sharing, please share, pinterest, tweet, beep, yell, post, vine, +1, or whatever you can do to get the word out. I promise, it is okay to wreck recipes. Eat on people!

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