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Frankenspam Roasted Vegetable Soup

Frankenspam loves meat. But we love vegetables as much. Seriously, chop up any vegetable in your fridge and put EVOO, garlic powder, and salt on the them and stick them in the oven at 425* for 30-40 minutes. HELLO DELICIOUSNESS!!!!

I was watching one of those food shows the other night. By the way, I am for a new law that says NO food can be shown on TV after 8PM. Forget the nudity and cursing restrictions. Okay, especially nudity. Forget that restriction. Where was I? Oh, I can’t resist eating late at night as it is. Watching someone make Duck Pastrami on Triple D fires every single one of the 12 hunger cylinders in my gut. Want to help America with its obesity issue? Stop showing my fat ass food on a TV at night.

Anyhoot, I saw them make a puree vegetable soup. It was a complicated recipe of sorts. I thought to myself, as I often do, only person I know that listens to me…most of the time at least, I thought to myself this could be a ton easier and still taste delicious. I mean roasted vegetables, some stock, blend, season to taste…how hard could that be? This is another product that is so easy to “wreck”. Frankenspam Roasted Vegetable Puree Soup, let’s get this on!

Final product. Obviously whatever veggies you use has a ton to do with product color.

Get some veggies out. Whatever. But let me warn you, I under estimated how much soup this makes. HUGELY under estimated.

I used portabella mushrooms, butternut & acorn squash, zucchini, carrots, celery, broccoli, yellow squash, orange & green bell pepper, yellow onions and garlic.

Cut all of the veggies up into about 1″ to 1.5″ chunks. Assuming you know how to clean these. No seeds in the soup or pulp from the squashes! Once cut up, toss in EVOO, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Lay out on foil on a cooking sheet.

Roast at 425* for 40 minutes. After that 40 minutes, turn broiler on and put some charred edges on these veggies. Swap out trays so each veggie gets its time under the direct heat.

Charred and roasted Veggies! Could eat just like this. And why shouldn’t you. Go ahead, steal a couple. I promise the soup will never know. You know the secret behind cooks not eating too much at dinner right? They eat while they cook!

We now need to blend these yummy morsels up. I made a turkey chicken chili a couple days ago and used bone in turkey and chicken. I boiled them a little and then boil their bones longer in veggie broth. I used that for this wrecked recipe session.

Blending is an interesting trick. You may have to keep adding more broth. Hell I ran out and had to use another 32oz of chicken broth (I was out of all others). Like I said earlier, I completely under estimated how much soup this makes. Once all blended and in large pot on the stove. Put on medium heat and add some spices. Add what you want. I added the following:

1/2 Pinch of celery seed
1 pinch of tarragon leaves (crushed)
1 pinch of sage (crushed/pulverized)
1 pinch of basil (crushed)
1 pinch of thyme (ground)
half of a bay leaf
1 pinch of oregano (crushed)
2 TSP of garlic powder
3 TBSP of Sweet Hungarian paprika
1 pinch of Tumeric

Let it stew on medium for about 15 minutes until it is bubbling good. Turn down to “3” or about 1/3rd heat. Add some milk, cream, or dairy to fortify it and give some creamy aspects. I used heavy cream. I kind of eyeballed this. I probably poured in about 3/4’s of a cup in my gigantic soup.

After a taste test, it was missing something. Hmmmm…

I threw in two cans of cream of potato. Hey, it is a MONSTER of a soup. HAHA

Threw some bacon in the skillet for a topping. Every time I make bacon I always have to cook something else in the bacon grease. Hey, the soup is pretty healthy, need some bad stuff to balance out the good stuff right? So I just canned some venison about a week and half ago. Lets make some venison with garlic and tomatoes spaghetti sauce with Penne pasta.

So there ya have it. I’ll lose the greens next time. No broccoli or green bell peppers. Maybe add some cauliflower and few other squashes. Cauliflower roasted is sooooo good. Venison pasta was good and garlicy. It was my first venison canning and I think I can change a few things next time and it’ll be so much better. Until next cooking session, stop following every one’s recipes and make your own food damn it! Happy Halloween if I don’t blog before then!

Let’s kick this off with a made up sauce and a couple rack of ribs.

I got this wild idea to smoke cherries. Yep, smoked cherries. Now I have to admit, getting them rolled up in the paper was a tad tough. But the real job, the real job was getting them lit. Seriously though, I smoked some cherries.


Fresh cherries BEFORE smoke.









After an hour in the smoker with Cherry Wood (duh, what else) at 225*











Now on to making a sauce and some ribs for the sauce. I’ll be back with the details and how I wrecked the recipe. Sneak peak of the ribs in the mean time? Sure.

I smoked in a Cook Shack electric smoker for 2 hours then moved to charcoal grill for ~2 more hours. This is at 3.5 hours. I know I know, I took one out and gave it a hug. Hey, if you can’t love your own meat, how can you expect others to learn to love your meat? High five for understanding? Oh yehhhh!!!!