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Your cell phone can now cook Bacon while you sleep. Oscar Mayer’s Bacon Alarm.

Well, not quite. But I am certain there is an app floating around that could probably fire up some appliance that could cook something while you are in another room.

A little late to the Bacon craze  phenanananamomenon (<—phenomenon) on social media, but just imagine, your cell phone alarm goes off and you are waking up to the smell of bacon cooking. A Bacon Alarm! Oh the dreams you’d have. Of course replace the lovely young lady in the video below with your sexy significant other (I would :P).

Oscar Mayer has hopped on the dongle market bandwagon. Look out Chromecast and Roku Streaming Stick, Oscar Mayer is entering our dreams. If you were like me, always wondering how are these food companies going to keep “inspiring” us to buy their products, well then this certainly a short-term answer. Enjoy the above video of Bacon raining into your dreams and be sure to hit Oscar’s ” Wake Up and Smell the Bacon” website to apply for your chance to get the “Bacon Dongle”. Now that sounds dirty. Who the hell came up with the word “dongle” anyway.

Bacon…the duct tape of the kitchen.

BUT, if artificial Bacon smells aren’t your thing, leave it the Japanese to beat the rest of the world to Scent Apps for your phone. HERE

Stuffed mushroom wrapped in bacon

Stuffed Mushroom wrapped in bacon, but first…a good friend who is the star bartender at Buffalo Wings and Beer in Gaithersburg (by the way,check their wings out frankenspammers! LINK for their site is HERE) saw a recipe for stuffed mushrooms wrapped in bacon and got all excited last Friday. Well  she brought that in today to make. Of course having the edge with a commercial kitchen she threw them in the broiler (I am guessing broiler) and, well, they were freaking good. Really dang good. Even with cheap cheese that separated in the shroom and cooked out some, they were actually very delicious. Not that they shouldn’t be, she’s high on the list of good cookers as far as I can tell. For being a 39 yr old woman, you’d think she has the cooking experience of a 50’something year old woman. When I was first listening to her exploits of cooking she mentioned that the syran wrap and aluminum foil boxes had tabs in them to keep the rolls in the box as you pull them out. I was like, “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SORCERY YOU SPEAK OF?” rushed home and checked her babble out, and there they were. The tabs. Sigh. All these years, cussing…

Picture courtesy of thisweekfordinner.com

Anyway, I came home and realized I forgot to set something out for dinner. In my house that means hot dogs, meatless spaghetti, or veggie night! 🙂 As I threw some noodles in the water and some broccoli in the oven I thought to myself, “I have a bag of baby portabellas that need to be cooked asap. ooh and I have bacon. Ooooooooh and I have some cheese…” Oh game on, ready to completely wreck Linda’s winning mushroom concoction.

So, I threw a yellow onion, garlic and some butter in a pan. Got the onions nice and gooey then threw in some spinach.

Got that out when yummy looking and diced it up.

Diced up some, not all of the broccoli I had in the oven (EVOO, garlic, salt, and pepper) and then threw in some shredded Parmesan, manchego (oh man, so yummy), and a little bit of cheddar cheese.

Now if you haven’t already cleaned and de-stemmed those portabellas get to it. Now stuff em.

Now wrap em in bacon and stick em. (if you can remember, soak your meat sticks in water so they don’t burn up, hehe I said meat sticks)

Now I think the success to Linda’s mushrooms is, well, following the instructions HAHA. That and that delicious caramelized BBQ Sauce she brushed on the bacon. I did not put BBQ sauce on these as I couldn’t imagine BBQ sauce going with the ingredients I picked. Well, all my cheese cooked right out. All of it. Not a drop left. So here is a pic of the done product with the cheese completely coming out.

Not bad looking in my opinion. Smelled okay. I ate one. Pretty good, portabellas are just yummy, but I was bummed all the cheese had left the building. I gave one to the wife. She wasn’t too impressed either. No cheese. But again, not a bad appetizer.

So I topped one with a thin slice of manchego cheese.

Now we are talking. I liked it. Then it dawned on me. In me making the Smoked Cherry Sauce (LINK) I used a stick of Manchego cheese for my tasting stick. Pic from that recipe below.

So why not put some of that sauce on it?

Here they are dusted with Parmesan, which I didn’t like. BUT as usual, the sauce helps pick the product up. I like it. It’s the damn sauce. LOL By itself, that sauce doesn’t do much talking, but add it to something and it sings. My wife gives the final product 3.5 out of 5 stars, I’d agree, 3.5 out of 5. Linda’s basic white mushrooms with cheese sauce and good ole BBQ sauce was a solid 4 out of 5. It was the crispy BBQ. You just can’t go wrong with bacon and some crispy BBQ sauce. Sorry for the phone pics, the life of frankenspammers, rush home and start cooking, I ain’t got time for a camera.

All my cooking for the next week or two will be me detoxing all this pork fat out of my veins.