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Your cell phone can now cook Bacon while you sleep. Oscar Mayer’s Bacon Alarm.

Well, not quite. But I am certain there is an app floating around that could probably fire up some appliance that could cook something while you are in another room.

A little late to the Bacon craze ¬†phenanananamomenon (<—phenomenon) on social media, but just imagine, your cell phone alarm goes off and you are waking up to the smell of bacon cooking. A Bacon Alarm! Oh the dreams you’d have. Of course replace the lovely young lady in the video below with your sexy significant other (I would :P).

Oscar Mayer¬†has hopped on the dongle market bandwagon. Look out Chromecast and Roku Streaming Stick,¬†Oscar Mayer is entering our dreams. If you were like me, always wondering how are these food companies going to keep “inspiring” us to buy their products, well then this certainly a short-term answer. Enjoy the above video of Bacon raining into your dreams and be sure to hit Oscar’s ” Wake Up and Smell the Bacon” website to apply for your chance to get the “Bacon Dongle”. Now that sounds dirty. Who the hell came up with the word “dongle” anyway.

Bacon…the duct tape of the kitchen.

BUT, if artificial Bacon smells aren’t your thing, leave it the Japanese to beat the rest of the world to Scent Apps for your phone. HERE