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Dewey’s canned smoked Jalapenos Recipe

This comes from a recipe I got online making a basic brine for jalapenos (non-smoked/non-cooked). I wrecked the recipe up pretty hard. I think the only thing left from the original recipe is salt. HAHA Boil your jars, lid rings, and lids about 20 minutes or so before using them but keep them in water that is simmering while you are doing all of this. Keep super hot and sterilized.

The ending product is STRONG and SPICY! Strong being the smoked flavor is huge! A small spoon of these in a large pot of chili will change the entire flavor of the chili. Awesome stuff!!

You can also do this exact recipe and NOT smoke the peppers. The relish is delicious on eggs and other items you like a some heat and sweet vinegar tastes.


Mix all these ingredients on medium heat in a large part. House will smell like garlicky vinegar. Once it starts to bubble/boil, turn heat back so it simmers. Let it simmer while you smoke the peppers. Gives a good chance for everything to mix together. I even leave it over night. But you don’t have to. Just make sure the mixture is mixed up very well before putting in jar so each jar gets all the spices. BEFORE jarring remove the bay leaves and throw them away.

Peppers (use gloves!!!!):

  • I don’t have a measuring device for this. Just a bunch of peppers. What’s in my garden dictates this. You can use ANY pepper. Bell, banana, habanero, ghost, jalapenos, or whatever your heart desires. I typically use jalapenos. I leave all the rinds and seeds in the peppers. This increases the heat 10 fold.The brine works awesome for any of it. Obviously every pepper is different. Mix sweet and hot. Wreck it!
  • Cut the stem tops off the peppers. This will help the smoke get in them. You can slice them open if you want but it isn’t necessary.
  • I smoke my peppers at 225* for 45 minutes with hickory wood. Any longer and we start to soften up the pepper and cook them too much. After the canning process I don’t won’t smooshy peppers. The smoke has done its job at this point any way. In fact, it is best to not put the peppers in the smoker until it starts to smoke.
  • Once smoked, you cut them in slices to be jarred or cut them up and throw them in a food processor and CHOP them up in small pieces for a “relish” type of salsa. The chopping may create inconsistent sizes, add some of your brine (cooled) to help spread the peppers as the fly thru your processor.

Canning Instructions:

  • Detailed canning help can be found at Ball Corporation (maker of Mason Jars) preserving website HERE.
  • Accessories for canning that are a must have.. Amazon Linky Here
  • Pack several jars with the peppers (or chopped peppers) you wish to preserve. By the way, you can add whole garlic cloves or bits at this time too if you want. It amps up the yummy factor.
  • Remove those bay leaves and stir the solution up real good and add the solution to your jars. Be sure to get rid of air pockets and traps.
  • Finish sealing the jars per the link above at Ball Corporation.
  • Remove jars from water and dry. Let jars sit overnight. The tops will suck down as they come to room temp.




Some pictures of it all going done in dewmanshu’s homestead.

Jalapenos and Banana Peppers
From my dad’s garden.
All the ingredients into the pool!


Dewey's Pepper Brine
Stirring the brine. Slotted spoons for the win!


Simmering brine.
Stem tops cut off to help smoke get in the peppers.


Hickory Chunk ready for the smoker.


Peppers in the smoker.


Smoke starting to roll.




Cut up into slices. You can stick in food processor and chop into bits if you want.


Chopping some of them up!


Chopped batch in jar with brine.


All finished. One chopped and one sliced.