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Shaken vs Stirred Martini

pic source: http://mixnsip.com/
pic source: http://mixnsip.com/

Shaken or Stirred martini? Forget the long explanation, let’s have fun and see if we notice the difference in the person drinking them. I say those who like it stirred are more likely  to be refined and would probably sip more so than “drink” the tini.  Or just say it like it is; it is someone who likes strong drinks. Haha!! Those who like it shaken are a little less refined, a little more adventurous, and willing to try more things. Eh, I am making that up, what do you think?

“Scientist Paul Doherty concludes shaken Martinis contain more oxygen than stirred & vermouth changes w/oxidation.”

Shaken: The martini will end up colder at first. The ice will melt quicker, which adds water. The shaking adds air to the drink and science has proven the vermouth changes with oxidation. You end up with a lighter and smoother drink.

Stirred: The martini won’t be cold as its shaken friend. Which leads to less water and less oxidation. A strong crisp drink.


source for the discussion: How Shaken and Stirred Martinis Work