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Deep fried ham!!!

Had to go to the really large store that has “Home” in the name today. I try my best to replace my light bulbs with LED as they go out. Screw that fluorescent crap. Not because it has mercury in them. 48 micrograms of mercury in a 6 oz tuna sandwich versus .07 micrograms in a typical CFL breakage. If you are scared of fluorescent bulbs then you should DEFINITELY stop eating tuna fish sandwiches. But fluorescents do suck. They don’t last as long as they are marketed. For lots of reasons. I am in the electric trade, easy to get me side tracked with that, sorry. I digress.

So in the big orange store, they had a few items on deep discount. Like Xmas lights. Oh man, I picked some up, but I put them back. LOL Wife if going to be mad at me enough. They also had a deep fryer kit on sale. About 33% off. Would you believe, I don’t have one? Why? Everybody else has one that’s why. Okay okay, the real reason, my wife is scared I’d hurt myself. Well, I wasn’t supervised today, and so, I grabbed it. A huge jug of peanut oil as well.

For Xmas our owner gives us a spiral ham among other things. Cool deal I think. Some guys in the construction industry have it tough, living week to week. A spiral ham, if used right can last an EASY 2 weeks. Just my opinion. Can you say amazing bean soups for a week?!?!!? Well, My cousin’s house burnt down on New Year’s Eve, yeh, looooong story, I’ll cover that later. One of the items he lost (they lost everything) was his deep fryer. I have asked him a hundred times to make a deep-fried ham but he just sticks to turkeys and fries. So picked one up. 1) I’ll probably give it to him anyway. 2) I need to do something with that spiral ham.

Lots of mustard, some Worcestershire sauce, sriracha sauce and 350* later! Good food!

Lots of mustard, maybe 2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce, and 2 tablespoons of sriracha sauce.
Mix that sauce up and coat the ham. If you have a spiral ham, get into the slices. If just a whole ham, get it all over it. Preferable to do this hours before hand.
Once the deep fryer oil is at 350*, slowly immerse ham. I used some butcher’s string to hold it on to the turkey prong that comes with the deep fryer kit.
Once in oil, watch oil to make sure it doesn’t bubble over. Follow manufacturers recommendations. When you put the ham in, the oil temp will drop a lot. Try to work it back up to 350*. It’ll be hard. Don’t go over 350*. Nevertheless, using the long thermometer that came with kit, watch inside meat temp as well. Don’t go over 150* for the meat temp. Once at 150* pull it. I don’t know, maybe 15-20 minutes.


I brought mine out a little early. It was at 135*.
Close up! YUMMY!
Cut up!

Again, I yanked it a little early. I don’t have much experience with the deep fryer so I got a little scared of the “burnt look”. But stick to those temps. My inner meat near the bone was a little over 130*. Maybe another 5-10 minutes would have done it. Anyway…sandwich time!!!!

Fried me an egg. Sliced up some avocado. Sliced a tomato. Some sriracha. Toast. MMM MMM MMMM!!!

Sandwich time!
MMMMMMMM This is sooooooo good.
Don’t be scared of mustard, sriracha, or any wet seasoning in the deep fryer. You don’t taste it, exactly. It does some amazing stuff with flavor!


Forget the recipe, cook for yourself!








“Pastrami Seasoned” Skirt Steak Sandwich

Pastrami Skirt Steak Sandwich?

If you like to cook, there’s a damn good chance you like to take sandwiches to the next level. Next level doesn’t have to be extreme like the food network would have you believe. Nah, it could be just heating the turkey on your turkey club up n som EVOO. Let’s just grab some stuff from the fridge and make a decent hot sandwich (we have no kids tonight, can you tell haha).

Hmmm, what to make. I have a half a skirt steak that I covered in coriander, pepper, and garlic (pastrami seasoning) and had vacuumed seal from a couple dinners ago. Actually it was the night I was making dinner and I almost broke my 8 years middle finger. sigh. I was helping him fill up the humidifier water tank while I was cooking. Once the water tank was full, and sitting in the sink, I went to pick it up out of the sink and give to him. But he was helping as well and when the tank slipped out of my hand it fell back into the sink, well, his fingers where in the way. They had no where to go besides into the top of the sink. Ugh. Mommy was happy, not. So as you can imagine, I didn’t finish cooking that night. We had to spend that night in the UrgentCare. Annnnnnnnyyyyyways, sheeesh, he’ll survive. 😛 I have some skirt steak left over. We don’t have much in the fridge as grocery day is tomorrow. Hmmm, lets see, uhm, eh, some cheddar cheese, spinach, oooh and an onion (this wasn’t in the fridge). Lets roll with that.

We are making a sandwich not a complicated dish with 700 specific recipes, so from here on to the end I’ll let the pictures do the talking.



I sliced it because the wifey doesn’t like her’s bloody. I like mine bloody so I’ll slice mine from a chunk that was fried first versus slicing and then frying like the wifey’s.
We use EVOO 99.9% of the time. If not EVOO then it will be sunflower seed or almond oil.

The picture before this one would lead you to believe the spread was yellow. No, the Srirach sauce makes it all turn orange.

The wifey’s sandwich. Pre-sliced. Very good but a little done a chewy for my tastes.
The wifey’s sandwich. Pre-sliced. Very good but a little done a chewy for my tastes.
My sandwich. Almost looks like tuna huh? This is how skirt should be served.
My final pastrami seasoned skirt steak sandwich, minus the corned part. LOL


Very Good sandwich. Was it worth the 20 minutes it took? I didn’t have anything else to do and this was sure as heck better than a cold bologna sandwich. Yeh yeh, I love my basic bologna sandwich too. But this, this was quite a few steps up and easy. Don’t have skirt steak? So what, next time at the grocery store get some roast beef sliced up. Heat it up with garlic and onions that are already sauteed a little. Throw a slice of provolone on and you’ll get the picture. Sandwiches don’t have to be boring or just some meat cheese and bread. Heck, throw some tomatoes and lettuce on your sandwich. POW! Or only tomatoes, avocado, balsamic vinegar, mozzarella, and some spinach! I am hungry again. Until next post…make a sandwich!