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Nessie Ladle and other simplistically great ideas!!!



A little internet craze is going on over the reddit post for the Nessie Ladle. Great ideas for great products should be simple. Forrest Gump kind of simple. And Ori Saidi and Daniel Gassner of OTOTO has definitely come thru with that simplicity in not just their products but the display of them. I am certain you’ll love these.

Quote from their “about” page,

Sometimes they appear while taking a shower, sometimes while stuck in a traffic jam; and every so often, one will show up in your dreams. They do not pop up every day, but when they do, we are delighted by them.

Good ideas are rare – when we get them, we like to share.

– See more at: http://www.ototodesign.com/ABOUT.aspx#sthash.11uSnyIi.dpuf

Nessie Ladle


Pretzel Key Ring
Magic Bunny Pops! How “cool”!!!
Again, simple cool idea! A wine bottle stopper.


Looks like a couple places sell their products. Monkey Business being one of them. But I don’t see the Nessie Ladle on their site. I see BellaKoola has the Nessie Ladle listed but is out of stock (as of January 22, 2015). There is also, Animi Causa but I couldn’t get their website to load at the time of this blog. You can email the sales folks at the creator’s website and find more locations or availability for their products. sales@ototodesign.com


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