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Crock Pot controlled by your smartphone

Take my money!

I have argued for a while now that Crock Pots, the glorious products they are, are still lacking in today’s world. Sure, great cooks like the ones running Fix-It and Forget It know how to run those Ole Crock Pots. But damn it, everything is either 4, 6, or if you are lucky, 8 hours. What about 10 hours like what the rest of America works?!

Belkin has introduced the WeMo-enabled Crock-Pot. Well, not “officially yet.  The new crock is actually a collaboration between Belkin and the maker of Crock-Pots. It is supposedly the first ever smartphone-controllable slow cooker. This means you can adjust the temperature, turn the device off and on, and change time settings from anywhere. Anywhere is defined as having an internet connection.  Get in line for one, but be sure not to complain about my ass size while you are standing behind me or I’ll be forced to, uhm, well, I am not sure yet but don’t complain about it alright?! The new crock will be dishwasher safe, have metal exterior, and a 6-quart capacity.

HAHA Cuz, I am in a robe looking so hot setting up my crock-pot for the day.