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Apple Pie Moonshine…wrecked.

Apple Pie frankenspam style
Apple Pie frankenspam style

Everybody makes this concoction these days. It’s fun. And it is just another example of how you give food and drink concoctions your own signature. Just a small tweak to a pinterest recipe and TA-DA! You have your own Apple Pie recipe that everyone brags about. Well, if you haven’t figured it out yet, I am all about wrecking recipes.Especially this one. Very easy concept, pour a bunch of stuff into a jar with sugar…check. LOL This is my 2014 attempt at being different yet again with the internet craze “Apple Pie Moonshine”. This time I went after not so much an Apple Pie taste but more of a safe apple alone tatse with lots of alcohol “back up”. Try this recipe to mix things up when all of your friends are making apple, cherry , or peach pie drinks. Wrecked by frankenspam. Now claim your own! Wreck it more!

Bring to a boil then lower to a simmer for 2 hours the following ingredients…

(1) Gallon of Apple Cider. I chose non-filtered from a local farm. Strained, not strained, organic, non-whatever, choose what floats your boat.
(2) Quarts of Apple Juice. I chose clean strained organic, but do whatever your fancy is.
(4) Cinnamon Sticks
(1.5) TBSP Vanilla Extract
(1.5) TBSP Ground Cinnamon
(1) Cup of Dark Brown Sugar
(1) Cup of Light Brown Sugar
(1) Cup of White Sugar
(1) Zest of a whole orange
1/2 Nutmeg ground on micro-plain
1/2 stick of cinnamon ground on micro-plain

What I came up with before changing it to the below idea. nevermind that martini glass. It is my inspiration moderator.
What I came up with before changing it to the idea below. Never mind that martini glass. It is my inspiration moderator.

After two hours of these items simmering and you a stirring every so often, strain the items off through cheese cloth into a separate container. You may need a second hand. You really don’t need to strain if you don’t want to here. The longer it isn’t strained the stronger the flavors. For appearance the “pulp” that is created may be a little daunting to some of your guests. I am straining for appearance.  Let strained liquid cool to under 135*. Alcohol evaporates at somewhere around 170*, I figure 135* is safe to not “waste” any alcohol. I use an emulsifier every so often to keep things mixed and help speed the cool down process.

Strained through cheese cloth.
Strained through cheese cloth.
Strained frankenspam concoction.
Strained frankenspam concoction.

Right around 1 hour from the concoction being strained, if you have the ability, put 6 quarts of mason/canning jars in the pressure cooker (lids and all). Or steam bath. Get them sterilized while you get your drink ready. If you don’t have canning apparatus don’t sweat it, just wash some mason jars you got from the store very well. I used quart, but you can use pint, or for that matter what ever your damn heart desires. A tea pitcher would work just fine as well. You just need to serve sooner than later.


Once liquid is at 135* (I really prefer to use 120*, no where near alcohol evaporation), pour the following into the mixture.
(2.5) Cups of Grain Alcohol. I used the last of 190 Proof Everclear (151 in some states and 190 in other states, check out Wikipedia for the list).  So, if you need to, you can replace this with 151 Grain alcohol if ya’d like. Some people use 151 Rum instead. That is fine, just keep in mind that’s a different flavor. It may work for you…and may not.
(1) Cup of Maple Crown Royal, oh yeh, Maple…game changer.
(3/4) Cup of Top Shelf Tequila
(1/4) Cup of Top Shelf Bourbon (I don’t buy cheap bourbon anymore, seriously, do a taste test once)

Using emulsifier to mix all ingredients.
Using emulsifier to mix all ingredients.

Mix very very very well. Again, I use a emulsifier. And then put into jars. I put 3 slices of Granny Apples into each jar as well. (3 slices per quart)

Don't forget to taste test!!!!
Don’t forget to taste test!!!!

Serve immediately, refrigerate, give as gifts, whatever your little heart desires. Theses are definitely good for about a year if you sterilized the jars and they “seal” own there own from cooling (which causes the jar top to vacuum in). Looks like a jar of caramel with apples huh? It is actually pretty good. Very sneaky sneaky. Don’t plan on driving anywhere if you are going to drink this stuff. AND with the high sugar content, throw a few glasses of water in with your drinking to help put a hamper on that hangover! For a great seasonal sipper, lose the alcohol in this recipe and serve warm to your guest! Maybe even throw some Chai tea in with it.